What is logistics?

Logistics is a set of means and necessary actions that are used to get a product to the consumer from the original place where the raw materials are obtained, passing through the place of production to the final consumer. Logistics is essentially a specific technique in transport and distribution operations of market products. Logistics can include international or national products, although in recent times logistics has been understood as a term strictly linked to the transport of national and international products. Logistics is a term of military origin which was defined for a set of techniques used to transport troops, weapons and food. Currently, business logistics includes the Distribution and Marketing sectors and directly affects electronic commerce since currently an advanced logistics service is directly linked to the stock, packaging, distribution and transport sector.

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Logistics functions

Logistics comprises the following activities to meet its objectives.

Order processing

The order process includes generating the order, transmitting it, processing it, preparing it, checking the availability of merchandise in stock, production (in the case of a manufacturing company, the production process of the requested order must be taken into account), billing and delivery of the merchandise or product. Order processing is everything related to purchase orders.

Material handling

All the material means necessary to move the products both in all warehouses and points of sale.


Packaging is the system used for the protection and preservation of products. Since the beginning of the pandemic generated by COVID-19, it is very important to clarify to users the measures that the company takes during the packaging process in order to provide the necessary information that is currently highly requested by the buying public, that is, future client or clients.


​The transport of merchandise refers to all the means necessary for the transport of the product. The most common means of transport are truck, train, maritime transport, air transport and normally the last transport which can be a minor vehicle. Transportation includes the route and location of the merchandise with the best route available to reach its destination. In an advanced logistics system, the transport can be informed when the client wishes.

Storage (Stock)

Storage is an important part of logistics functions. Storage or storage refers to the physical place where the goods are located.
Advanced storage comprises different methods of stock systems in order to meet customer requirements. A logistics company can use different methods to control its stock or a hybrid between the FIFO and LIFO systems.

Client Services

Customer service includes all services necessary for the customer to purchase the product. A customer service can offer the availability of your product in an online store or eCommerce.
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