3PL logistics, Storage and Distribution company in Madrid, Coslada

Comprehensive Logistics, Storage, Distribution and Transportation Services in Madrid, Spain.

Terra Logistika is your trusted 3PL company. Privileged location: warehouses in Coslada, Madrid, just 3 km from Madrid airport, a strategic point for the transportation of your merchandise. We offer comprehensive and intelligent services adapted to your needs at national and international level. We analyze your daily life at the reception, storage, stock and distribution points and implement the most appropriate method for your company.

Servicio de Logística Integral Terra Logistika

Comprehensive Logistics Service

We take care of the entire logistics process, from the storage of your products, through the preparation of orders (picking and packing), to 360º distribution: road, sea and air transport. With the precious support of a revolutionary logistics management software. own inventory.

Comprehensive Logistics Services  

Servicio de Almacén en Terra Logistika

Warehouse Service

Large warehouse with a strategic location, just 3 km from Madrid airport, to guarantee a fast distribution service for your products.

Storage Service

Order preparation: Picking and Packing

Picking and packing service in Madrid, storage, traceability.

Logistics management and delivery notes. Management and delivery of orders for all types of products and merchandise.

Picking and Packing Services

Preparación de pedidos: Picking y Packing  Terra Logistika

National and International Transportation Service

Nuestro servicio de transporte de mercancías 360º nos permite brindarte opciones rápidas y seguras: transporte por carretera, transporte marítimo y de carga aérea.

Servicios de transporte

Servicio de Transporte Nacional e Internacional Terra Logistika
Logística para eCommerce y Marketplaces Terra Logistika

eCommerce Logistics and Marketplaces

We are a logistics operator specialized in comprehensive logistics services for eCommerce that sell through its online store and on Marketplaces such as Amazon.

Logistika ecommerce

Logistics, distribution and transportation company located - street Tierra de Barros Number 4, Madrid, Spain.
Transport service, logistics management and supply chain in Madrid.

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