eCommerce and Marketplace Shipping

We offer you a top-level shipping service for eCommerce and Marketplaces, backed by our solid alliance with Correos Express, our main supplier. We are a  comprehensive logistics operator , which means that we offer you a 360 logistics service, which covers everything from storage and order preparation to shipping.
Terra Logistika: Your Ally in Efficient Distribution 

Why choose our eCommerce shipping service?

Quality and reliability

We partner with Correos Express to ensure that your eCommerce shipments are made efficiently and reliably, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your products will arrive on time and in optimal condition.

Calidad y fiabilidad en envíos ecommerce con Terra Logistika
Tarifas eCommerce Competitivas con Terra Logistika

Competitive eCommerce Rates

We offer competitive eCommerce shipping rates, allowing you to optimize your shipping costs and maximize your profit margins.

At Terra Logistika, we are committed to being your trusted transportation partner for your eCommerce.  

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