Preparation of eCommerce and Marketplace Orders

At Terra Logistika, we understand the importance of an optimal order preparation service for eCommerce and Marketplaces such as Amazon, Miravia, Aliexpress... Our  3PL comprehensive logistics service includes quick and safe picking and packing.

Why choose Terra Logistika?

Efficient eCommerce picking

Our team specializes in the precise selection and preparation of products, ensuring that orders are prepared with maximum efficiency.

Picking eCommerce eficiente en Terra Logistika
Pedidos para Marketplaces en Terra Logistika

Orders for Marketplaces

We are prepared to meet the demanding standards of Marketplaces such as Amazon, Miravia, Aliexpress... ensuring that your orders are ready in record times and travel in safe packaging.

At Terra Logistika, we are committed to providing a service that allows you to satisfy the demands of your clients efficiently and reliably.

Trust us to optimize your supply chain and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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