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​Distribution Service
3PL Logistics

Distribution is one of the most important factors for a company. Distribution refers to all the activities that intervene from the elaboration of a product to its destination in the hands of the final customer, that is, the buyer.

Our goal as a leading company in comprehensive logistics solutions is to meet the needs of our customers throughout the logistics chain, offering the best storage, packaging, transport and merchandise distribution services.

Our mentality and working methods are one of continuous improvement and we manage to offer cutting-edge distribution and logistics services, as well as a totally personalized service to the needs of our clients.
We prepare distribution routes designed to optimize distribution, as well as to reduce costs for the client. In addition, we offer road, sea and air transport services both nationally and internationally.

Transporte Marítimo


Transporte Aéreo


E-Commerce Fulfillment
3PL Logistic in Spain

At Terra Logistika we offer personalized logistics services for your e-commerce portal. We manage the storage, transport and distribution of your merchandise with the greatest security on the market, managing all the activities necessary for the correct reception, handling and inventory control to guarantee the best quality of our services.

We offer effective and efficient solutions in all phases of the logistics and storage process by having extensive warehouse facilities equipped with the most technologically advanced means and managed by a professional human team, thus guaranteeing the total security of your merchandise.

Terra Logistika is a 3PL logistics operator based in Madrid, Spain that offers a large number of logistics services at a national and international level, always with fair and transparent prices. We offer optimal B2B and B2C service to customers all over the world.

We take care of the integral logistics of our clients, carrying out all the necessary operations in the most economical and professional way, with the aim of making the main tasks of your company easier and less burdensome, while also guaranteeing your success and satisfaction.

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