Logistics for eCommerce and Marketplaces

At Terra Logistika we offer personalized logistics services for your e-commerce portal or for your order management on Marketplaces such as Amazon. We manage storage, order preparation (picking y packing), transportation and distribution of your merchandise with the greatest security on the market.

We offer a personalized service (depending on the platform our client works with, we synchronize our systems to manage their orders, making communication much more direct, comfortable and effective).

Almacén para eCommerce y Marketplace Terra Logistika

Warehouse for eCommerce and Marketplace

We can boast of having:

  • A huge 1,400 m2 storage facility.
  • Secure warehouse: with 24-hour security alarm, access control and insurance of the merchandise in the warehouse.
  • Own software to optimize inventory management.

Order Preparation for eCommerce and Marketplace

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, we know that efficiency in the order preparation and shipping process is key to the success of your business. That is why at Terra Logistika we specialize in offering you a top-level service, specifically designed to meet the picking and packing needs to manage shipments for your online store or for the marketplace in which you sell.

Preparación de Pedidos para eCommerce y Marketplace Terra Logistika
Envíos para eCommerce y Marketplace Terra Logistika

Shipping for eCommerce and Marketplace

Optimize your eCommerce shipments with our specialized transportation service. With Terra Logistika, we guarantee the safe and fast delivery of your products, thanks to the alliance with Correos Express and other important parcel companies, our main supplier, which offers us a quality service and very short delivery times both nationally. as international.  

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