Transportation of Goods by Road

At Terra Logistika, we offer a quality distribution service. We work with a large number of suppliers to ensure that your goods are transported safely and efficiently.

Careful and personalized transportation

We are a road freight transport company that takes care of its customers. Each type of merchandise is unique, and we make sure to treat it with the care and attention it deserves throughout the transportation process.

Transporte cuidadoso y personalizado Terra Logistika

Variety of freight transportation

We have a wide range of vehicles to adapt to the specifications of each client and type of material to be transported, ensuring that your goods reach their destination optimally. In addition to road service, we offer maritime and air cargo transportation services. maritime freight transport and of Air cargo.

Variedad de transporte de mercancías en Terra Logistika

International road transport company

Our company offers international transportation services, in addition to the national transportation service throughout Spain.

Empresa de transporte internacional por carretera Terra Logistika

At Terra Logistika, our goal is to provide you with a service that meets your expectations and needs. Trust us to take your merchandise wherever it is needed with the highest quality standard.

Types of ground transportation

Transporte cargas completas Terra Logistika

Transport full loads

In land transport we offer full load services offering an exclusive service, transporting in vehicles only your merchandise.

Transporte en grupaje Terra Logistika

Groupage transport

​In terrestrial transport we offer groupage or combined terrestrial transport service, your merchandise travels in the same vehicle together with merchandise from other of our clients. This allows us to offer a cheaper price to our customers.

Transporte urgente Terra Logistika

Urgent transport

In land transport we offer an exclusive and urgent door-to-door service to any place in the world, within predetermined hours and attending to any type of need with maximum agility.

Transportes especiales Terra Logistika

Special transport

At Terra Logistika we are a company specialized in special road transport of all kinds of goods, for this we are equipped with the best vehicles with platforms and the necessary equipment to carry out the work.

Transporte camión grúa Terra Logistika

Transport truck crane

At Terra Logistika we offer a wide variety of crane trucks, also for the heaviest jobs, the vehicles are equipped with an articulated arm offering great precision and excellent traction to be able to work on any terrain.

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