What are FCL and LCL containers?

Containers of many types are used in the world, which are chosen based on the load they carry inside, so you have to choose the most suitable container for each occasion. The FCL and LCL models are the two main options for shipping containers by sea.

Differences between LCL and FCL container

On the one hand, LCL means less than a container, so control would not be absolute, yes, the costs are shared with the other people who store your merchandise. On the other hand, FCL would be the equivalent of full containers, which implies shipping products in full containers, for which you pay for all the space that has been occupied.
The tipping point could be set at about 10 cubic meters. Thus, shipping less than one container is an alternative explored by people who ship smaller volumes. It is even an option for those looking for more flexible charging options. Thus, LCL is considered for those shipments that weigh between 1 and 10 tons.

Main features to consider

With the FCL model, you have to pay the price of the full container, whether it is filled or not. Instead, LCL is charged per m3 of each shipment.

The LCL model is perfect for loads of only 1 m3 or weighing less than 10 tons. On the other hand, for shipments of more than 10 tons, the FCL model should be chosen since the load is large enough to pay for a full container.

LCL container takes a bit longer to arrive compared to FCL shipments. It also includes the precise time for the classification, loading, unloading and separation of the goods in each port.

It is more complicated to get FCL shipments because the container must be full in order for you to confirm its departure. On the contrary, the LCL would not have to wait for the container to be full.

The FCL model is more secure, as there is less risk of damage, theft or loss. When handling products from the same client, loading and unloading are less than if products from more suppliers are carried.

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