Value added services

In a warehouse, value-added services are those that go beyond the simple storage of products. Some of the value-added services that a warehouse can offer include quality control, effective communication with the customer to understand and satisfy their specific needs, free warehouse and outside warehouse storage, among others. 

Value added services

It is very important to offer value-added services in a warehouse as it can be the way to make the business grow and differentiate itself from the competition. These services allow us to provide a more complete service and are a fundamental tool to increase customer satisfaction, which is especially important in operations based on the trust that the customer places in the company.

It is important to establish good communication with the client to understand what their specific needs are and be able to satisfy them, designing or adapting both organizational and technological solutions.

Value-added services in warehouses go beyond the simple storage of goods. Some examples of these services include:

  • Custom packaging and labeling

 This service allows the packaging and labeling of products to be adapted according to the specific needs of the client, which can improve the presentation and logistics of stored products.

  • Kit assembly

 Some warehouses offer the service of assembling kits or product packages to customer specifications, which adds value to the order fulfillment process.

  • Testing and quality control of products

 Performing testing and quality control of stored products can ensure that products meet required standards before distribution, contributing to customer satisfaction.

  • Returns management

Offering efficient returns management services can improve the customer experience and reputation of the warehouse, as customers will feel supported if they need to return products.

  • Inventory management

 Efficient inventory management is crucial to guarantee product availability and avoid losses due to excess or lack of stock. Warehouses that offer this service add value to their clients' logistics process.

En resumen, los servicios de valor añadidos en un almacén son aquellos que van más allá del simple almacenamiento de productos, y pueden incluir el control de calidad, la comunicación efectiva con el cliente, y soluciones organizativas y tecnológicas diseñadas para satisfacer las necesidades específicas del cliente. Estos servicios son imprescindibles en Terra Logistika, ya que sabemos que es fundamental para diferenciar el negocio de la competencia y aumentar la satisfacción del cliente.

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