The main advantages of 5G technology that will improve the logistics sector


It will also be possible to improve the performance of mobile networks and guarantee a speed up to ten times higher than that of 4G, thus improving immediacy, reliability and responsiveness. Therefore, it will enable a better and broader data collection, it will speed up the analysis time of these and, above all, it will provide solutions using Artificial Intelligence.

Las principales ventajas de la tecnología 5G

Increased speed and automation

The human presence is essential to carry out the logistics activity, however, currently, part of this activity is robotized, especially in the preparation of orders. Thanks to 5G, greater automation is allowed in all the processes of the supply chain since it could act on those procedures that are not automated, such as the identification and solution of problems derived from a breakdown.

Optimization of delivery standards

The logistics sector is developing new delivery solutions, such as the use of drones. However, these tools must be controlled by humans and require a high performance communication network. Thanks to 5G these new delivery solutions will be possible in the not too distant future.

Visibility in real time

The deployment of 5G also provides greater accuracy in traceability, thanks to faster and more accurate feedback of information, which provides better tracking and optimization of the product route. 5G makes it possible to improve product tracking and customer satisfaction without being limited by the technical restrictions of the mobile network.

More equipped squads

5G will reinvent the digital uses of logistics agents, but technology also has to be at the service of human resources. This new mobile network will improve all aspects of employee learning and support, allowing them to continue their training.

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