National distribution service for palletized merchandise

Palletized merchandise emerged as a solution to achieve more efficient and standardized product transportation processes. According to the specialized firm Terra Logístika, it increases transportation safety, facilitates inventory taking and cargo handling.

Other advantages of this form of logistics is that it optimizes delivery control, storage space, time and process automation. For these reasons, it has become an ideal option for product distribution. In fact, it is one of the main services of this company.

Distribution of products nationwide

Terra Logístika is a company that offers comprehensive transportation, storage and distribution services for goods in Madrid. It identifies itself as a 3PL logistics and storage company, with advanced resources adaptable to the needs of its clients. In addition, they have the capacity to provide solutions at a national and international level.

One of the strong points in their service portfolio is national distribution, and that is why they know the benefits of working with palletized merchandise. This company offers a service in which it guarantees delivery at the agreed time, with the requested quantities and at convenient prices. They indicate that, to meet these premises, palletization plays an essential role.

They explain that this alternative allows for standardization of loads, which saves time and money in the distribution process. Firstly, because it facilitates the accounting of products, and secondly, because this modality reduces the risks of loss of merchandise. This becomes especially important when it comes to covering the entire national territory.

The necessary experience

Terra Logístika representatives warn that palletizing merchandise is an action that requires skill on the part of those who carry it out. In these cases, it is best to have the support of specialized companies that provide the required advice. It is essential for the choice of stowage, which is the wooden, plastic or metal platform on which the merchandise is grouped.

 There are also several stowage measures, such as American, European or semi-stowage. An expert opinion can decide which is the most suitable in each case. The members of Terra Logístika point out that the selection of the platform depends on 4 factors. The first is the type of merchandise being handled and the second is the equipment used to handle the products.

The choice of stowage will also be determined by the storage systems available and the type of supplier of the goods.

In any case, the stowage must be solid and of adequate size for handling by the forklift or stevedore. Likewise, it must be able to keep the merchandise grouped and protected throughout the transportation process. Terra Logístika offers a national distribution service for palletized merchandise recognized for having these characteristics.​

The importance of international pallet logistics
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