Servicios logísticos

Logistics storage, distribution and transport services in Madrid. We are experts, we guarantee the safety, efficiency and lower cost of your supply chain.

We are a leading company in the sector providing logistics services for national and international companies. If you are looking for a comprehensive service company in Madrid, Terra Logistika is your best option. 

Más información de Logística 

Storage service 

We provide customized storage services, we adapt to your needs, we offer the only totally personalized service in Madrid. Unlike other logistics companies, we prioritize the needs of your company in terms of the entire process of your distribution chain. We provide the proper packaging, inventory control, Picking.

 Con nuestra poderosa herramienta informática, gestionamos su inventario de acuerdo a los estándares contables preferidos por su empresa. Si busca servicio logístico en Madrid , Terra Logistika es su empresa ideal en relación calidad-precio-servicio.

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Storage services with personalized storage adapted to your needs.

Picking & Packing

Management and delivery of orders and any type of product.

Generation of ad-hoc reports

You have control over the status of the stored and transported merchandise whenever you want.

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