Operadores logísticos Madrid

Operador logístico en Madrid

Operador logístico Madrid

The first pilot test with autonomous delivery robots in Spain, (Zaragoza)

Zaragoza will be the first Spanish city to test autonomous delivery robots, which will be carried out thanks to the Goggo Network company obtaining the license.

Goggo Network is the first company in the country to have the logistics license for autonomous robots, they are also pioneers at a continental level in the use of these newly introduced technologies.

The project is designed to deploy up to 80 robots in the Aragonese capital over the next few months and consists of four phases with the aim of validating their safety and achieving public acceptance for the proper functioning of the robots.

Project phases

In the first phase, which will last until the beginning of September, several simulations will be carried out in order to check the operation and safety of the robots, guaranteeing sustainable and controlled growth. 

months it will be when this service will be deployed for businesses in the city and to other nearby locations.

Artificial intelligence

The robots will be equipped with internal and external sensors based on artificial intelligence systems that allow them to visualize and move around the environment with very high precision, which also makes it easier for them to avoid pedestrians, animals, bicycles and other unexpected obstacles. 

Likewise, a group of operators will supervise and manage the robots while they move autonomously.    

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