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Optimisation of the packaging process in logistics
The optimisation of packaging makes the packaging process more economical and efficient for the supply chain. Retailers seek package optimisation to improve the choice of the right type, size and quantities of materials to save costs throughout the supply chain. This is one of the most critical factors in brand perception. Companies like Apple or Starbucks are considered premium brands because of the care they put into the packaging of the product.

In recent years, electronic commerce has become a basic element for many companies. This has become especially crucial since the COVID-19 pandemic, where every company must be online to succeed and sell products to its customers. The main purpose of packaging in the e-commerce industry is to protect the product from the warehouse to delivery to the customer's door. The packaging not only protects the product, but also helps create a good first impression for the customer.

There are reports that have detected a 30% increase in consumer interest when the company pays close attention to the packaging of its products.

What exactly does packaging optimisation consist of?

In the simplest sense, "packaging optimisation." means using smart packaging that is designed to contain, inform and protect your products while they are transported from a manufacturer, warehouse or distribution centre to a final destination (consumer).

There are many factors that determine the state in which the product reaches its final destination:

  • Choose the right packaging materials. Both primary packaging (designed taking into account aesthetics, ease of use, ease of opening, user experience and in-store display), as well as secondary and tertiary packaging (designed to protect and withstand environmental, transport and handling hazards).

  • Selecting the right amount of packaging for the environment and supply chain. Poor packaging can cause damage to the product that generates losses and increases reverse logistics. But excess packaging also has an impact on the environment and production costs.

  • Choosing the right package design. Not only is image and visual design important, it is also important to take into account when designing packaging the type of materials, the impact of their manufacture, efficiency and costs on the supply chain (storage and transport).

  • Selection of the appropriate amount of protection. Beyond the choice of the type of protection in the reservoir to avoid damage in transport and handling, there are another series of requirements to take into account. Barrier protection for food or pharmaceutical products to maintain their shelf life is another important detail.

  • The importance of product design. The best package is a robust product. If the product is already designed to be robust, with the best materials and sufficiently resistant, we will need minimal packaging to protect it on your trip to the customer.

Benefits of packaging optimisation in the supply chain

  • Cost savings

  • Harm reduction

  • Improves efficiency

  • Minimal carbon footprint

  • Effective delivery

  • Reduction in package dimensions

  • Sustainability

  • Increased functionality in packaging design

  • Reduction of costs in packaging tests

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