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Differences between Inbound and Outbound logistics
Robust Inbound and Outbound logistics is fundamental to the success of a business. These processes affect production, profits and customer service. There are many challenges to achieving proper logistics, and the costs of not perfecting these processes can be enormous. Implementing the right controls can help the success of the business.

What is the difference between Inbound and Outbound Logistics?

Inbound logistics brings supplies or materials to a business, while Outbound logistics deals with the transfer of goods and products to customers. The Inbound has to do with the reception, while the Outbound focusses mainly on delivery.

AttributeInbound LogisticOutbound Logistic
Key Relationships
Suppliers, vendors and their distributorsDistributors, wholesalers, retailers and end customers
Sourcing, procurement, materials handing, putawayInventory management, order fulfillment, shipping
Raw materials or goods coming in from suppliersFinished products going out to customers
Strategic Imperative
Obtaining goods or materials the company needs to make its productsMeeting customer demand, supporting the sales process to generate revenue

Inbound Logistic

It is the way materials and other goods reach a company. This process includes the steps of ordering, receiving, storing, transporting and managing incoming supplies.

Activities: Sourcing and procurement | Ordering/purchasing | Transportation | Reception | Material handling | Storage | Inventory management | Streamlining | Distribution | Reverse logistics.

The main challenges of inbound logistics are high costs, uncertain delivery dates and unpredictable delivery times.

Outbound Logistic

Outbound logistics focusses on demand. The process involves the storage and shipment of goods to the end customer. The steps include order fulfilment, packaging, shipping, delivery and customer service related to delivery.

Activities: Warehouse management | Inventory management | Transportation | Delivery | Last mile delivery | Delivery optimisation.

The challenges of outbound logistics can affect profits and customer satisfaction. Inventory and shipping costs can increase rapidly, while incorrect or delayed orders will scare customers away.

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